Flix for Short: Chaos Cinema


Chaos Cinema Part 1 from Matthias Stork on Vimeo.

Chaos Cinema is a two-part short film briefly chronicling the history of action sequences in film, and tracking how filming action sequences has changed over the years. That change, according to the filmmaker, is for the worse, as absurd MTV cutting and chaotic camera movement have made action sequences more and more incomprehensible. I can certainly get behind this idea. I mean, look at Nolan’s Batman movies. I love them both, but the action absolutely sucks. There’s no sense of place, the camera moves around so fast you can’t see anything but blurs, and the overabundance of handheld work compounds both those problems.

Part two, which deals more with sound, is below the jump. Give it all a watch. It’s one of the more thought-provoking looks at modern action film-making that I’ve seen recently.

Chaos Cinema Part 2 from Matthias Stork on Vimeo.