Flix for Short: Colour


Flix for Short is Flixist’s way of showing off awesome short films we find around the web. Do you have a favorite short you saw? Why not tell us about it in our Community Blogs? We’d love to see what short films you can make and find!

Warning: this Flix for Short is adorable (-ly sad). Colour is the story of a magical paintbrush that comes down and gives color to all the animals and plants of the world! Cute so far, right? Well, surprise, there’s one animal who misses out on the beautiful mass-coloring.

At first I was like, “Aww!”. But then I was like “Aww . . .” (I’m so good at the writing.) Seriously though, this short makes an unconventional move for something that I assume was made for children. I also love the Jungle Book-like music in the background.

[via Vimeo]

And if you’re wondering why this video is depicting Pandas living in Africa . . . just, just don’t ask questions.