Flix for Short: Cream/Egg


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Made by filmmaker Ian Gamester, Cream/Egg is a weird little short that I found oddly entertaining (and goofily sexy). You just have to watch it, then you’ll understand. Probably. It’s also NSFW, sort of.

If you like the weirdness that is Cream/Egg, the adventure continues in Cream/Egg Part II: The Honeymoon, which I have conveniently placed below the jump for you! And remember, if you can’t understand a word they’re saying in either video – just ask our resident British: Xander Markham. I’m sure he’d be happy to translate for you.

[via Vimeo]

I must warn you though, Cream/Egg Part II is even weirder (and sexier) than part one.  On that note, enjoy!