Flix For Short: Destino


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Way back in 1945, Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali and Disney artist John Hench storyboarded a short animated film titled Destino. Due to budgetary concerns, Disney was forced to drop the project, and that was that. Until 1999, when Roy E. Disney found the storyboards and decided to start production on the short again. A small team of French animators began work on the project, and Destino was finished in 2003. It won several awards, and even got nominated for an Oscar.

All of that being said, you’d think the short would get a little more attention over the past few years, but Disney hasn’t really found a way to get the short out there until recently. In the awesome Fantasia blu-ray that came out a few months ago, Destino is presented on the Fantasia 2000 disc. But why we’re reporting it now, I’ll never know. Check out the short, because it’s beautiful. Then you can get back to reading about whatever slop made headlines today.

[via io9]