Flix for Short: Every Hitchcock Cameo Ever

Every Hitchcock Cameo Ever

If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he’d be celebrating his jolly old 113th birthday. Willard Scott would wish him well on the television, he’d be asked to comment on Anthony Hopkins in Hitch garb, and he’d be treated to fawning tributes such as this 8-bit Hitchcock homage. (Does Willard Scott still do that? Do the kids still wear the onions on their belts?) To celebrate the influential work of the master of suspense, /Film shared this great YouTube video that compiles every one of Hitch’s cameos. The one in North By Northwest may still be my favorite, though I appreciate the one in Lifeboat for its cleverness.

I have fond memories of a trip to Universal Studios Florida many years ago when they still had the Alfred Hitchcock: The Art of Making Movies attraction. It included audience-participation restagings of the shower scene from Psycho, the carousel scene from Strangers on a Train, and the Statue of Liberty scene from Saboteur, as well as a voyeuristic Rear Window piece and a 3D presentation of Dial M for Murder with an unexpected interruption.

It was a great time. I recall that I had fluorescent shorts and an onion in my fannypack. And, come to think of it, I think the Marilyn Monroe impersonator at the park that day was a guy in drag. Enjoy the compilation above, and feel free to share your thoughts on Hitch in the comments… or your memories of men in drag at theme parks.

[Via /Film]

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