Flix for Short: Gardyn


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When I first saw Pogo‘s Gardyn video, I was blown away. I probably watched it about twenty times in a row. Pogo may be more famous on the internet for some of his other remix videos, but Gardyn was his first foray into real-life and not appropriated sounds. Namely, the sounds of his mother and her garden. He made the video as a Mother’s Day present for her last year, but since then, the video has gotten ridiculously popular. It was even featured in the Guggenheim art museum last year – the Guggenheim! For a “Youtube video” that’s a huge deal.

I also adore this video because it looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m really infatuated with succulents and other desert plants, so for me, this video is not only sweet but also total eye-candy. So enjoy, and don’t forget to call your mom tomorrow.

[via Pogomix]