Flix for Short: Girl Walk // All Day


Girl Talk’s 2010 album All Day is easily his most danceable record of mash-ups. Rather than stopping a groove for a sudden shift in tone, the songs have a certain cohesion from sample to sample, which means it functions as a solid 71-minute dance party from beginning to end rather than a game of name-that-tune as collage.

Girl Walk // All Day is a 77-minute dance film synced to Girl Talk’s All Day. Directed by Jacob Krupnick, Girl Walk // All Day follows Anne Marsen as she dances all over New York City. It’s a loosely and thinly plotted film, but it explodes with the unabashed joy of dancing in public without any self-consciousness. Bystanders stare agog as Marsen and company work it all the while. It’s a musical and a documented performance art piece all in one.

It’s fun to watch for the scenery and the little unexpected bits (e.g., photographer Bill Cunninghan is in it), but more than that, Girl Walk // All Day puts a big dumb smile on my face. I think it’s because there’s a complete lack of posturing or irony. No one’s afraid of looking uncool or silly, and instead they’re dancing their asses off and having a good time.

Above is the second chapter of Girl Walk // All Day synced to the second track on Girl Talk’s All Day. If you enjoy this, feel free to watch the full film at the Girl Walk // All Day website.

[Girl Walk // All Day Via BoingBoing]

Hubert Vigilla
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