Flix for Short: Gun-Shy

Grizzly Bear - gun-shy [Official Music Video]

“Gun-Shy” is the latest music video off of Grizzly Bear’s 2012 album Shields. (Like other Grizzly Bear records, it’s a keen listen.) This video, on the other hand, is a about as entrancing as it is discomforting. It was directed by Kris Moyes, an Australian filmmaker who has also done music videos for Beck, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, and The Softlightes. And on the note of The Softlightes — Incredible Moses Leroy represent!

This actually gives me an opportunity to share my favorite Grizzly Bear video with you guys as well. It’s an animated fan video for the song “Two Weeks” from the 2009 album Veckatimest. The fan video was the work of Gabe Askew, who you can find on Vimeo here. Take a look at Askew’s video for “Two Weeks” after the cut. 

[Via Treble]

“Two Weeks” music video by Gabe Askew

[Via Gabe Askew on Vimeo]
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