Flix for Short: Hambuster


This short film is about the innocence of youth, and it juxtaposes the necessity of eating for an infant with the lack of control in chubby adults who eat far more than is healthy. By bringing the burger to life it personifies the obese man’s fear of food despite his love for it. His inner struggle extrapolates on the trials and tribulations of Americans and . . .

Just kidding. Hambuster is about a monster hamburger that grows to “Trapper Keeper” Tetsuo sizes and makes a zombie horde of pernicious patties that help it pulverize an entire city. It’s surprisingly graphic with the blood, and boldly spans an entire town’s destruction in just seven minutes. It was made by five graduate students at Supinfocom Arles, and it’s all done in Stereoscopic 3D, so if you have the right 3D glasses then watch this version instead.