Flix for Short: I Am Sitting In A Video Room

VIDEO ROOM 1000 COMPLETE MIX -- All 1000 videos seen in sequential order!

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This is I Am Sitting In A Video Room, by Patrick Liddell, who is also known by his stage name: Onotologist. Liddell made this awesome video by first recording his dialogue and video and then uploading it to Youtube, ripping it off of Youtube, and then uploading it again, over and over until he had done this process 1,000 times. Liddell says this experiment is an investigatory attempt to erase any semblance of humanity through the use of these very commonly used technologies.

Liddell’s video is especially interesting when you take into account the 1969 audio piece that it is inspired by. I Am Sitting In A Room, by Alvin Lucier was the beginning of this concept of using playing, recording and playing-back to destroy or smooth out something or using technology to create something seemingly inhuman from human origins. I’d highly encourage you to listen to the Lucier piece, it’s intellectually stimulating – if audibly strenuous, and serves as the starting point for the video above. That said, I think that Liddell’s video piece is a really interesting re-contextualization of the ideas formed by Lucier. Today, we have the technology that can not only smooth out and erase our voices, but also our reflections. The two pieces share common ideas, such as the destruction and deconstruction of immaterial things by repetitive actions, and, as previously mentioned, the erasure of the recognizable and the recognition of the unrecognizable. I Am Sitting In A Video Room is one of those clever pieces that makes you take a step back.

[via Youtube]