Flix for Short: Invade All of the Humans

invade ALL OF THE humans!!!

I couldn’t stop giggling while watching Invade All of the Humans by Tom and Mark Perrett. This brief test piece brings together a few of my favorite things: retro robots*, deranged assertions of world domination, phat rhymes, robot Engrish, and beats reminiscent of Strong Bad’s “Everybody to the Limit.” And you know, come to think of it, there are even vestigial fhqwhgads up in this piece.

According to the Tom and Mark computer website, the robots’s names are Calculord 3 and Px Micron (which is also written on them). They claim territory, and they claim it raw. Wouldn’t mind seeing another web short of these two robots some time in the future.

* pronounced “row-buts” instead of “row-bots” because they’re old school

[Via Cartoon Brew]

Hubert Vigilla
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