Flix for Short: Jonas Cuaron’s Aningaaq


Gravity is pretty high on a lot of people’s Best of 2013 lists, and is expected to get some serious Oscar nominations in the upcoming awards season. Gravity was created by Alfonso Cuaron with his son Jonas Cuaron, and now Jonas and Time Warner have released online a short film meant to be a companion to Gravity titled Aningaaq. If you still haven’t seen Gravity you probably shouldn’t watch this short. It contains relatively minor spoilers, but still, Gravity is a film best gone into as cold as possible.

Aningaaq itself doesn’t really add much to the plot of Gravity or really gives us a lot of information that we didn’t already know about the Aningaaq character, other than giving him a real location and personifying him, rather than him being a disembodied voice floating in space. There are however some allusions to ideas of survival, death and rebirth and missed communication.

Regardless of how I feel about Aningaaq or Gravity, the short has been submitted to be officially judged in the Academy Awards category of Best Short Film, so we’ll soon find out if the Gravity team will be able to add another notch in its assumed belt of awards this year.

[via Collider]