Flix for Short: Juste de l’eau


Juste de l’eau (2014) from Carlos De Carvalho on Vimeo.

This lush animated short titled in French Juste de l’eau (or Just Water) is set in an anthropomorphic animal-version of Europe at the time of the discovery of new continents. As the explorers’ ships come in to land, they are greeted by their friends and families, but a deep sense of loneliness isolates one of the villagers.

There’s so much great visual stuff going on in this short by Je Regarde, from the awesome attention to detail in the textures and colors of the magical pig-world, to the perfectly mismatched and skewed- sometimes to the point of conundrum- graphical perspectives. Through the pacing, music and visual loop-de-loops, Juste de l’eau delivers a brightly emotive little story.

[via Vimeo]