Flix for Short: Lamp Life


Bo Peep’s character was a huge draw for Toy Story 4 audiences. Her new look mixed with seeing her back in action (since Toy Story 2 in 1999) made her matter again. The one thing that was missing, however, is just where was she between the two films. Lamp Life, the newest Pixar short that debuted this weekend on Disney+, finally gave us that answer in less than ten minutes.

Bo Peep had quite the adventure from Andy’s Room to the Antique Store seen in Toy Story 4. I honestly was really excited and drawn to this short once I heard it was coming. Bo Peep has always been a personal favorite of mine in the Toy Story universe and it’s nice to see her get a short film all her own. Lamp Life’s attention to detail and, of course, humor is what makes it a truly great little short.

Lamp Life | Official Trailer | Disney+

Bo Peep’s personality grows from when she leaves Andy’s to when she finally ends up where we see her in 4. I loved seeing that character development, which is something we were sorely missing in last summer’s sequel. Bo Peep didn’t have it easy, much like how Woody and friends had their own issues. She’s shown caring deeply for her lamp and sheep friends, willing to keep them safe from harm at any costs. It fills in the blanks from the last proper film in a nice way.

The new rebellious Bo Peep we get, along with the new look and attitude, is something I think all fans can agree was a long time coming. This was a story that needed telling even though it comes way after the release of Toy Story 4. Why it was cut from the original film still baffles me and I wish it had been included. I could have done with more Bo Pepp and less Forky, if we’re being completely honest.

That’s not how it came to be, but fans can finally rest easy. Her story is now complete. It’s about damn time, Pixar!

Tarah Bleier
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