Flix for Short: Looks That Kill


Yuki 7: the jet-setting, sexy secret agent who’ll mess you up and look fabulous doing it. Yuki, along with her team of Gadget Girls, star in this animated short titled Looks That Kill. Created by artist Kevin Dart due to his fascination with the 1960s, retro spy flicks, and powerful female characters, Yuki 7 is actually a series of graphic novels, (the aptly titled) Seductive Espionage (2009) and the soon-to-be released Looks That Kill book. Dart also created a short in 2009 to go along with the first book titled A Kiss From Tokyo, which you can find below the jump!

I personally usually enjoy when female characters are strong and sexy simultaneously, and Yuki 7 certainly exemplifies this in Looks That Kill when she goes on a mission to steal back some secret blueprints, that just so happened to be printed on a pair of panties. Love it.

While the Yuki 7 books look amazing from what I’ve seen, I really love them in animated form. The visual style Dart is using in these shorts is expressionistic and retro, and the music and pacing of the shorts just all fits together so well, I really want to see more Yuki 7 animations!

[via Yuki-7]