Flix for Short: Losers – Meta as F*ck


Long-time readers might remember my second-ever post about The Blood Grinder, or the extensive coverage of the Blood Grinder creators’ Kickstarter. For you newer readers, take a gander at those links, acquaint yourself and come on back. I’ll wait.

Okay! Dave Conte, co-creator of The Blood Grinder, has unleashed episode one of his webseries Losers this week, starring his fellow Blood Grinder writer/director Nicholas Schwartz, and shot by Ronnie America himself, Matt Braunsdorf! As the website describes it, “Losers is about a bunch of white, nearly-30 transplants living in New York City trying to make it in the film world.” The above episode serves as a short, snappy intro to the two protagonists, Jef (Cory Stevens) and Rick (the aforementioned Nick Schwartz), as Jef (Cory Stevens) struggles to write a speech for their mutual friend and film-making compatriot Brad, turning to Brad’s old films for inspiration.

It’s funny, sarcastic, and full of all the things our generation loves: pot and beer. Check it out, and make sure to bookmark their site, watchlosers.com!