Flix for Short: Lost Memories


Lost Memories, by Francois Ferracci, is set in Paris eight years in the future. Which also means that in eight years France is getting awesome projection phone dealies and Polaroid cameras will still exist. The premise of this two minute film is that digital information becomes so valued in the future that the French will eventually lose touch with the physical world.

Look, the only reason this really struck a cord with me is that I’ve caught myself being engrossed in my eye-phone-four-gee-ess-six twenty-billion-five during a conversation with someone that I was promptly ignoring. It made me feel like a jerk. Now if the message behind Lost Memories is actually, “Hey, don’t be a jerk with your phone!” then I’d say mission accomplished. And hey, if you’re not into morals being put in your stories but like seeing a French man cry, you should go ahead and see this anyway.