Flix for Short: Manly

"Manly" - Cartoon Hangover Shorts # 8 - Full Episode

Adventure Time writer and storyboard artist Jesse Moynihan teamed up with his brother Justin Moynihan to create this awesome Cartoon Hangover short film; Manly. In the short we meet Manly, the daughter of the emperor god of the universe and all around butt-kicker. She gets sent on a mission to find her brother and meets another otherworldly deity on the way.

I really love this short. You can see the influences Moynihan has brought to Adventure Time, the strange cosmic spiritualism, heavy issues coated in brightly colored gloss, even the gender-bending. Manly by the Moynihans is currently in development with Cartoon Hangover for a 6 episode run to be released through their Youtube channel at some point in the future and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

[via Youtube]