Flix for Short: Missing in the Mansion

Missing in the Mansion: Disneyland proposal goes horribly wrong in The Haunted Mansion

With found footage horror films being as stupidly popular as they are today, it’s nice that every once in a while you get a film that could do different things with the genre. And by different I mean involve Disneyland. 

Missing in the Mansion, created by John and Jeremiah Dawes, is only going by its viral name in a brilliant move, “Disneyland proposal goes horribly wrong in The Haunted Mansion.” The short film follows a third wheel as he watches his friend propose to his girlfriend. As they enter the Haunted Mansion…well you’ve seen Blair Witch or one of the kajillion Actividad Parnormales right? Then you know how this goes. It just looks a lot better. 

For serious though, I’m never going to Disneyland on the off chance this is legit.

[via YouTube]