Flix for Short: Monster Roll


When people these days make short films in order to pitch full features, sometimes it doesn’t work. You get something that’s kind of entertaining for the few short minutes it lasts, but the premise could fall apart when it gets picked up. And then you have proof-of concepts like Monster Roll.

Monster Roll is a proof-of-concept brought to you by Dan Blank, and for once, I want to see a short film picked up (maybe Syfy/Seefee?) and explored further. Monster Roll is all about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters and was drawn up just because Blank wanted to make it. The true pitch is all in the last two minutes and it’s pretty hilarious as a short film before that. Who knows what could come from this given a budget. 

I’m sure we’d all like to see that sumo guy take on that crab monster thing. 

[via First Showing]