Flix for Short: Night on Bald Mountain

Fantasia - Night on Bald Mountain

With the Halloween season upon us, here’s a blast from the past: the “Night on Bald Mountain” sequence from Fantasia. When I first saw this as a kid, it freaked the hell out of me. That unholy marriage of sound and vision really got under my skin. Now it’s not as creepy, but I member it fondly and admire its incredible artistry.

Okay, actually, I still find it kind of creepy.

This is easily one of my favorite Disney memories growing up, right up there with the suits of armor fighting the Nazis in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the march of the wooden soldiers against Barnaby in Babes in Toyland, the wizard battle in The Sword in the Stone, and (once I hit puberty) the finale of The Gnome Mobile in which several gorgeous gnome women (in heat) chase after a greased-up guy in order to mate with him.

Hubert Vigilla
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