Flix for Short: Noah


Noah debuted as part of the Toronto International Film Festival this year and garnered plenty of buzz as a creative short. It’s easy to see why as it’s go a great gimmick that the entire film’s plot plays out over the many social networks and forms of electronic communication we have in our lives. It’s definitely an interesting subject to tackle and a fantastic way to tackle it as we see Noah bombarded with constant information and the issues it causes in life when everything is available right now at every moment.

However, the latter half of the film where Noah has a manic pixie dream girl encounter on Chat Roulette kind of destroys the entire idea by wrapping it up in a perfect package. A teenager not on Facebook!? Well, she must be able to impart some deep wisdom to our social media addicted character that will lead him to realize he should really be living in the real world. Kind of a fantastic idea ruined by its desire to blatantly state its message in a heavy handed manner.

Matthew Razak
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