Flix for Short: Paul


'PAUL' - Short Film (2012)

With a mix of puppetry and live action, Paul, brought to you by Adam Bizanski, follows the titular Paul as he investigates a robbery of his house in the seedy underbelly of his city. Paul won Best Narrative Short at the CIFF, and it’s not hard to see why. Paul is good, damn good. 

It’s utterly depressing and heartbreaking, and when you realize that you’re feeling pity for an inanimate object, it hits pretty hard how good of a short film this is. It starts with the aesthetic, Paul has an awkward design melding fantastical with humanity (his eyes are notably human looking), and the fact that he stands out (and is isolated both figuratively and literally) helps that depression hit home. You really should give it a watch. Thirty minutes might be a hefty asking price, but it’s worth it for the wonderful character exploration.