Flix for Short: Scary Smash

Joss Whedon Fights a One-Eyed Monster in "Scary Smash" - Written By A Kid Ep. 1

Taking a child’s incoherent ramblings and turning them into an actual story isn’t the newest idea on the block, but when you put Joss Whedon, Dave Foley and Kate Miucci into the mix it becomes fresh all over again. To kick off the new series Written By a Kid the show brought in the big guns for the first story “Scary Smash.”

As if the kid’s story wasn’t hilarious enough throwing in Joss Whedon as Gerald, the S.Q.U.A.T. team leader and monster killer, pretty much makes it a stroke of genius. First it gives you tons of nerd cred (not really needed) and second Joss Whedon is a fantastic squatter. I’m not if you’ve ever seen him squat before, but once you’re done watching this video you’re going to be impressed.

Also, Dave Foley should win an Academy Award for best death scene.

Matthew Razak
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