Flix for Short: Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons - 1972 - David Cronenberg

I’ve been a David Cronenberg fan since my first encounter with The Fly way back when. I have yet to see his anti-cinematic adaptation of Cosmopolis (you can read Alex’s review here), but I’m looking forward to it. (Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment.) Earlier in the week, The Film Stage shared a rarely seen 40-year-old film by Cronenberg called Secret Weapons.

Made for TV in 1972, Secret Weapons centers on a years-long North American Civil War. There’s a drug that can enhance the fighting ability of its users, and a few scientists try to decide which side of the conflict should get it.

Like Stereo (1969) and Crimes of the Future (1970), Secret Weapons is a look at how a fledgling Cronenberg formed himself as a filmmaker. It’s an interesting curio, especially for Cronenberg fans.

[Via The Film Stage]

Hubert Vigilla
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