Flix for Short: Sesame Street’s The Hungry Games

Sesame Street: The Hungry Games- Catching Fur (Hunger Games: Catching Fire Parody)

With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire setting fire to theaters in a few days, it’s time for everyone to get in on the hype. And that includes the Sesame Street gang. In The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, Cookie Monster stars as “Cookieness Evereat” as she teaches kids patterns and tries to survive a second round of The Hungry Games. 

The short parodies a lot of story beats from the book (like the monkeys and fog) and even takes a cute jab at the movies themselves (“And thankfully me no have to ever, ever play that again!”). It’s a brief and cute video that should brighten up for day a bit more. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22nd if you’re interested in that too.