Flix for Short: Shogun Tango


Shogun Tango, which has one of the best titles ever, is brought to you by brothers Christopher (director) and modeler Greg Desantis. The short two minute film is about The Bonneville Classic 5000, a futuristic race in which all types of speeders and junk speed past each other. 

Oh and if you’re wondering about the use of the Virgin Mobile logos, don’t worry because Shogun Tango isn’t some sort of stealth commercial for the company. Greg Desantis “just thought the film would be cooler with real logos, than with fake or generic logos.” And he’s totes right. Besides, Virgin Mobile is probably going to be the first company to invest in this type of hovercar technology anyway. 

The sad part about Shogun Tango is that it’s over far too quickly. I want so much more of this! 

[via io9]