Flix for Short: Six Flags New Orleans – Closed For Storm

Six Flags New Orleans: Closed For Storm - Director's Cut - 1080p

I love creepy things, and as it turns out, abandoned amusement parks top the list. Whether its a water park, old movie-based attraction, or, like today’s Flix for Short, an entire Six Flags park, I get chills down my spine. I’ved been to Coney Island off-season and it’s like being in the post-apocalypse, so I can’t imagine what being in an actual abandoned park is like.

The coolest part about this video, which I found while tracking down the original uploader, is that the video was an official selection at the 2011 Dallas International Film Festival. Kudos to you, aroundlsu! Thanks for creeping me out, depressing me, and thoroughly impressing me all at the same time.

If only I could find that music track!

[Via the awesome Youtube user aroundlsu]