Flix for Short: The Caketrope of Burton’s Team



Zoetropes are some of the coolest things in the world. If you aren’t familiar with zoetropes, I talked about them a bit in a past Flixist Film School. Basically, it’s a circular device with figures placed in different positions. When spun really quickly in certain lighting, it creates a looped animation. Generally, the best effects are with strobe lighting, but regular lighting can be used as well.

Food artist Alexandre Dubosc likes to make zoetropes out of cake, which is pretty much the tastiest showcase of animation out there. His latest creation is an ode to Tim Burton. Most of the motion happens on the sides, but there’s some detailing on the top that looks really cool too. I especially love the use of walnuts, since it’s rare that you find a regular cake topping that also looks like brains.

Hit the jump for Dubosc’s earlier creations, which are less movie-themed but still really neat.

[Via Cake Wrecks]