Flix for Short: The Eagleman Stag


You know an animated short is awesome when it’s racking up awards like no tomorrow. The Eagleman Stag is about an entomologist’s experiences when he discovers a new kind of beetle. It’s more about the feeling than the actual plot, and even if it weren’t an interesting feeling, it would be well-worth watching based on its beauty alone.

Director/animator Mikey Please created The Eagleman Stag with what seems like paper, “some strange white stuff” that looks like a more pliant styrofoam, and some incredible stop-motion skills. Seriously, the motion is so smooth that you’ll start to think it’s digital until you see the texture of the foam again. All the materials are white, and the different shades of grey present are all due to phenomenal lighting. There’s a short making-of video on the official website, with a full-length one to come in the future.

[Via io9]