Flix For Short: The Leviathan


Did you like Godzilla? Do you think the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road looks pretty great? If the answer to both of those questions was a resounding yes, then this proof of concept is something you’ll probably enjoy. The Leviathan is a sci-fi short from Ruairi Robinson and Jim Uhls, in which some space whalers get their ass kicked by a, well, I assume a Leviathan. 

As a standalone short, I don’t really love it, because it’s completely, thoroughly empty. But as a proof of concept that might turn into a real movie one day, I’m down. The action and spectacle is staged and shot in this real matte painting manner, there’s a really awesome sense of artificiality to the way it constructs its set pieces. I’m glad sci-fi movies are finally starting to realise that CG isn’t just a tool to make unreal things real, and another movie taking a smarter approach is something I’d be real excited for. I hope this one makes it.