Flix for Short: The Mad Scientist (Fleischer’s Superman)


With Man of Steel coming out this week, it just makes sense to highlight something with Superman. And where better than the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons? These are bona fide classics that feature some of the best Superman bits to ever grace the big screen.

The first of these cartoons was simply titled Superman, though it’s also known as The Mad Scientist. The nine Fleischer Studios shorts were originally released between September 26th, 1941 and August 26th, 1942. Eight additional cartoons (with more old-timey racism) were released by Famous Studios from September 18th, 1942 and July 30th, 1943.

After the cut is a full list of the other Fleischer Studios and Famous Studios Superman shorts with links to them on the YouTube.

Fleischer Studios Superman Cartoons (1941-1942)

Mechanical Monsters

Billion Dollar Limited

The Arctic Giant

The Bulleteers

The Magnetic Telecope

Electric Earthquake


Terror on the Midway


Famous Studios Superman Cartoons (1942-1943)



Eleventh Hour

Destruction, Inc.

The Mummy Strikes

Jungle Drums

The Underground World

Secret Agent

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