Flix for Short: The Village


The Village from Pedro Sousa | visuals on Vimeo.

You know why I love playing The Sims? Because it’s like being God. I like making little electronic people bend to my every whim. I keep autonomy on high and then cancel out their actions in favor of what I want them to do. I like to imagine the disappointment on their tiny Sim faces, the realization that they have no true freedom and will never be able to live life exactly as they choose. That’s because I am, at heart, a horrible dictator. I think that’s why I like the tilt shift effect in photography, but especially in video. The saturation is up high and the movement is sped up, and I can only think of tiny people doing what I tell them to in a video game about micromanagement, crying silently as I take away any semblance of a free life.

Anyway, this video is very pretty and the music makes me happy. Plus, there are cows! Yay!