Flix for Short: Wasted Time


Wasted Time, created by Michael Sykora, Jesse Collier and Adam Jackson, is a short series of seemingly disjointed stories that all take place within the same city. Each episode of the series is a short vignette that carries an individual character’s story and weaves it in and out of the episodes. While the first arc is about 20 or so minutes, its concept is interesting. Especially when you get to episode two. You can’t necessarily play that video at a high volume, but man is the faux pornographic dialogue hilarious. 

According to Wasted Time‘s Facebook page, future episodes of the series will be helmed by different contributers as they each try to find the connections between the vignettes. I’ll be looking forward to more to see how those different viewpoints change it up. You should give it a watch.

[via Facebook]