Flix for Short: “Yo No Se” performed by Will Ferrell


Casa De Mi Padre comes out this week, and our own Geoff Henao will be checking it out early at SXSW. That review will be up in the near future. In the meantime, here’s Will Ferrell regaling you with a song en Español con class presidente Efren Ramirez. Sure, “Yo No Se” is no “Blue Shadows on the Trail,” but what is?

(By the way, I’m sorry my Spanish is so bad and scattered. If it’s of any consolation, I took French in high school and my Spanish is better than my French. I can ask where things are and say how old I am up until age sixty-ish, but that’s about it. Zut alors!)

I don’t know if any passes are left, but you hombres and senoritas in Los Angeles may still have a chance to see Casa De Mi Padre a day early and free. That opportunity comes courtesy of our compañeros at Gofobo.

[Via Funny or Die]

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