FlixList: 15 Power Rangers Episodes Perfect for a Movie




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5. Island of Illusion (MMPR Season 1, Episodes 27-28)

With having to rely on episodes of its Japanese counterpart, Zyuranger, for footage, you get insane things when Saban was trying to make the most (yet spend the least) out of what little it got. When you see a five minute scene get expanded into an hour long episode, you know America had to improvise (there’s an entire season of this with the Green Ranger). The first (and wackiest) example of this is “Island of Illusion.” The Rangers are sent to a magic island where the team is subject to illusions which ruin their confidence. No, that’s really it. The episode’s got a rhyming little person, weird camera tricks, and flutes. All good stuff. Put that in the movie. 

4. Power Ranger Punks (MMPR Season 1, Episode 17)

They’re are plenty of examples of “Power Ranger Gone Bad” throughout the first three seasons alone, but 

3. When Is a Ranger Not a Ranger? (MMPR Season 2, Episode 31)


2. Day of the Dumpster (MMPR Season 1, Episode 1)


1. Green With Evil (MMPR Season 1, Episodes 17-21)


5. Wild West Rangers (MMPR Season 2, Episodes 51-52)


4. Beauty and the Beast (MMPR Season 2, Episode 15)

3. Any Crossover Episode 


2. Football Season/Fourth Down and Long (MMPR Season 1&3, Episodes 58 & 11)


1. Rangers in Reverse (MMPR Season 3, Episode 33)


5. Finale (Super Megaforce, Episode 20)


4. And…Action (RPM, Episode 23)


3. Forever Red (Wild Force, Episode 34)


2. The Rescue Mission (Lost Galaxy, Episode 18)


1. Shell Shocked (In Space, Episode 4)

mention From Out of Nowhere and Countdown to Destruction