Flixclusive: Bellflower follow-up similar to ‘Malkovich’


I’ll soon be posting an interview that I conducted with Evan Glodell, the writer/director/producer/star of Bellflower. Everyone on our staff who’s seen the film has applauded it, despite the $17,000 budget and not as a handicap to that, as some critics will give for independent and foreign film.

Plenty of interviews out there already cover Bellflower‘s journey to a five hundred theater release, so I tried to get more information about the script Evan is currently working on, which he says has a Science Fiction element to it.  The director isn’t entirely sure what Magical Realism encompasses as a genre, and hesitates to say his new story qualifies until he can learn more, but gave examples of films that fall under that banner.

We’ve all been talking about this thing with Magical Realism and I can’t figure out what that genre actually encompasses. I actually just saw it on a list of genres and I’m trying to figure out what actually falls under that genre. It sounds like what I’m writing right now. I don’t know for sure, I might be way off, but when I saw Another Earth, that’s Magical Realism, like Being John Malkovich. Everything is in the world is real except there’s this door that goes into someone’s brain and it’s fairly easy to entrust that, ya know?

While Malkovich was certainly a unique experience for the audience, Magical Realism is something we’re all probably familiar with, though perhaps unaware that it’s a category until now. Think Big, with its abnormal wish granting twist, or The Change-Up, where pissing into a fountain provokes a body-switching scenario… again. I guess, like every other storytelling style, it can be used or abused.