Flixclusive Clip: Wild Horse, Wild Ride


One time, long ago, I tried to ride a horse. It was on those of those controlled family wilderness excursion things somewhere in Colorado. The only thing I remember is my horse going off the path and standing in a field. It didn’t do anything, just stood there, refusing to listen to the trainer at the head of the pack. From then on, I never questioned the difficulty of training horses.

But for those of you who haven’t sat awkwardly on a horse that refuses to budge, Wild Horse, Wild Ride looks like the film to prove just how hard it can be. Case in point, the above clip, where people try to train a horse and have trouble doing it. It looks like a pretty cool movie, and it’s nominated for/won a bunch of awards, so that’s usually a good sign. If you’re interested, the film’s doing one of those rolling release things that a lot of indie films do. To find out where and when you can see the film, head here to see the roll-out schedule. If you don’t live in or near a big city, though, you’ll probably be disappointed.