Flixclusive: First details about Corman’s Virtual Heroes


Remember way back to last month when we brought you news of Roger Corman’s interest in working on Sharktopus 2? Well, there was more to that interview (which will finally be posted some time next week), and he told me about a film with a really strange premise:

Well, we’re doing a picture called Virtual Heroes, which is a Vietnam war picture in which the characters begin to realize late in the picture that they’re not characters at all, they’re characters in a video game, and I think it’s a very original idea. G.J. Echternkamp is doing it. He’s a young filmmaker just out of film school.

I think the most interesting aspect of this idea is the choice of the Vietnam war. There are dozens of games featuring World War II, but Vietnam is pretty much untouched (outside of expansion for the Battlefield franchise). Say what you want about it, the idea is certainly original. I have absolutely no idea how it will work, but I’m definitely curious.

On a side note: G.J. Echternkamp’s IMDb page mentions the film Virtually Heroes (although it has no information), but Corman definitely said “Virtual Heroes” in our interview. Take that for what you will.