Flixclusive Interview: Duncan Jones part I


In anticipation of the release of his upcoming  film Source Code, Flixist is proud to present part one of our interview with Duncan Jones. The breakout director of the critically acclaimed Moon and the soon-to-be-released Source Code sat down to dish out the ‘deets on who he is jealous of (Tarantino), who he wants to work with (David and Janet Peoples), and what his future projects are (more sci-fi, huzzah!). Join us after the break to read our Q and A with the director.



Q:How did you get your start in the industry, and do you have any advice for young filmmakers?

A: I went to film school in the U.K., and got my start doing commercial work. But whether or not you do film school, the best thing to do is get a group of like-minded people around you and find a project you all like. There is nothing more powerful than a creative group. Just pick up a camera, you can now edit on a laptop, there are no excuses. Just do it.


Q: How did you get attached to Source Code?

A: I met with Jake (Gyllenhall) and I wanted him to work on Mute with me. He liked the idea but he was really into Source Code, and he brought me in to look at it. Jake showed me the Source Code script, and I really liked it, thought the pacing was great, and I got attached that way.


Q: What are other ways in which you get involved with your projects? Do you get scripts through your agent or go search out the ones that interest you?

A: I read “Popular Mechanics”, a lot of other magazines and websites, just constantly looking for ideas and inspiration. I wrote a fair number of scripts before Moon, so I have those to work with. I am working on a sci-fi piece right now.


Q: Can you tell us anything about that project?

A: No, its under wraps. It’s a sci-fi piece, that is all I can say.


Q: What future projects are you working on?

A: It was a good experience working on a Hollywood film. Mute is a film that I really want to do. It is my “Don Quixote”, like Terry Gilliam trying to get that project done forever. I sometimes feel like I may never get that project done. I think I will make Mute into a graphic novel, and use that to get some interest in the project, show people the look of that story and maybe make it a film. I am definitely doing one more sci-fi project, and after that move to different territory. After that, I will probably take a sabbatical from sci-fi.


Q: What other genres are you interested in working in?

A: I am actually quite jealous of Quentin Tarantino, doing Inglorious Basterds. I really love those World War II period pieces, like The Dirty Dozen. I would love to do one of those.


Q: What people in the industry would you like to work with?

A: David Peoples, and his wife actually, the two of them. I adore Blade Runner, and Salute to the Jugger (The Blood of Heroes). I would really love to work with them.


Q: Are there any films that you would like to remake, or any that you think are too good and would leave alone?

A: I would definitely not do Blade Runner. To me, its as close as you get to perfection. I think it would be wrong to remake that film.



Next week we will run the second half of the interview, specifically dealing with Source Code, which hits theatres next Friday, April 1st.