Flixclusive Interview: Rebecca Wang, Passion Play


I recently got the chance to interview Hollywood newcomer Rebecca Wang, executive producer on the film Passion Play starring Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, and Megan Fox. We briefly spoke on the experiences of a first time executive producer, working with some of the biggest talents in Hollywood, and on some of the religious symbolism within the film.

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Considering how high profile the cast of Passion Play is, why start the
film out at the Toronto Film Festival, and not a theatrical release?

The project Passion Play brought together many different elements. A
first time director in the form of Mitch Glazer, three of Hollywood’s
currents giants, Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox who are all at
very different times of their careers and a first time executive producer in
the shape of myself. The TIFF offered a great opportunity to introduce all
of these elements at once. Passion Play is an American Production with
American talent. The Toronto Film Festival is one of the most prestigious
film festivals in the World and it seemed liked the right place to introduce
our unique film.

The film’s title evokes the Catholic tradition of the passion play, the
telling of the story of Jesus Christ’s death and rebirth. Does the film
carry any Christ allegories or any direct connections to the passion play?

There are several variations of Christ’s Allegory and of the story of
Passion Play. Ours is not one of them. Some versions begin with the creation
of man others with the revolt and fall of Lucifer and the best known of
these tells the story of Jesus Christ’s trial and death. All of these
variations have a common message, an underlining key theme focused on
Redemption. If our film was to relate to this these then it would be
regarding the trials faced by our hero and how he deals his own death. 
In the same way that historical accuracy was ignored in many earlier
representations we ignored the boundaries of reality. The obvious
similarities invite audiences to consider the allegories of Christ with our
own contemporary tale.

Continuing with the religious bent of my last question, Megan Fox’s
character, Lily, is a bird-woman at the circus Mickey Rourke’s character
stumbles upon. It doesn’t take much, though, to make the jump from “bird
woman” to “angel.” Could you comment on that?

No it does not. By definition an angel is the representation of a
celestial being, conventionally in the image of a human figure with a halo
and/or wings. Angels invoke goodness, purity and selflessness whilst acting
as a guardian spirit and guiding influence to a lost soul. When faced with
our own mortality we often turn to angels. This is exactly what Lily
embodies. In modern day society anyone that inspires another to redeem him
or herself to better themselves can be described as “Angelic”, in fact we do
it every day with loved ones around us.

Bill Murray, Mickey Rourke, and Megan Fox are three absolute giants of
show business right now. What was it like to work with them, from a
producer’s standpoint?

This was my first project so all experiences were new to me. I am
grateful to have immediately worked with what Hollywood has best to offer
therefore my learning curve has been precipitated hugely. All three were
very different to work with, Bill is a screen legend, Mickey is a genius and
Megan is an amazing talent and to be involved with not one but two Oscar
Nominees in one project is a dream and I have learned so much from them.
Finally, this is your first film project as an executive producer.
What’s your next project? Where do you see yourself going in the film
industry over the next five years?

I have learned so much since embarking on this journey. Every challenge
brought new trials and I am very proud of my first film that my company,
Rebecca Wang Entertainment, presents.  With the right project anything is
possible, no matter where it might take us. I am currently looking for a
British based project that can have a significant impact on the European
Markets. Other projects may be Media or Fashion related. I would thoroughly
enjoy working on a short-term project while realizing a long term one to
give me the flexibility of going from one to the other, always learning and

For more on Rebecca Wang, visit her website at www.rebeccawangentertainment.com