Flixclusive Interview: The cast of Chronicle


I only had a few minutes to talk to Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, and Dane DeHaan, the leads for this Friday’s Chronicle, and you can probably tell my head’s not really in it, since I was very sick and starting to come down off of an array of cold medicines that might have made Hunter Thompson twitch once or twice. Seriously, I was barely holding it together, so all the magic here comes from these three cool dudes. We talked briefly about the film, working in such an intimate context with such big-action kinds of stuff going on, and more than anything, I’d really just like to talk with these dudes when I’m not about to cough up a lung tumor made of mucus.

Stay tuned for my interview with the film’s director, Josh Trank, tomorrow and for Dre’s full review of Chronicle at the end of the week!