Flixclusive: On set with Sandler’s I Hate You, Dad


After making its way through the town of Everett, Massachusetts, Adam Sandler’s I Hate You, Dad touched down all over Lynn for more shooting. Daytime work required that a convenience store be fully remodeled to appear as a liquor store (as if Lynn is a dry town) where Sandler’s character would shoplift from the establishment… according to the starstruck locals that descended upon an otherwise unremarkable location.

Night exteriors proved more interesting, at least that’s what I’d like to you believe. I only got access to the set when the sun came down. After filming inside the unfortunately named Lucky Strikes bowling alley, Sandler, sporting big curly hair, ran out of the front exit chased or perhaps leading a band of angry hooligans who climbed over cars and threw junk in the air. Unless the Boston Bruins won their second Stanley Cup in two days, the video above is a scene you can expect to see in I Hate You, Dad. Keep reading for pictures from the set and an impromptu autograph session with exhausted SNL alumni.

Special thanks to the friendly Asian kids who distracted security for me.