Flixclusive: Roger Corman thinking about Sharktopus 2


In a recent interview with the legendary exploitation producer/director Roger Corman (the entirety of which I hope to be able to post soon), he divulged that, after the upcoming Piranhaconda is released, he will be taking a break from thinking up new animal hybrid mutants, but may very well go back to the much-maligned (beloved?) Sharktopus. He said “[Piranhaconda]’s it for now… I may do a sequel to Sharktopus.” That may sound kind of iffy, but he said it with one of those smiles, the ones that tell you, “Of course I’m going to make a Sharktopus 2.”

There is no doubt in my mind that the film will be as wonderfully terrible as the first. I’m guessing there will be at least two sharktopuses, but maybe there will be a fleet of them. Maybe it’ll be centered around a world of Sharktopuses invaded by humans. Maybe it’ll be the exact same movie but with slightly better CGI. No matter what, just bask in the knowledge that there is going to be another Sharktopus movie… probably.