Flixclusive: Sushi Typhoon films being released on BD/DVD


Sushi Typhoon, the group behind the American distribution of films such as Karate-Robo Zaborgar and Yakuza Weapon (review coming soon), will be releasing their films on Blu-ray and DVD starting this fall. No official announcement has been made (though one should be soon), but an off-hand comment at last night’s NYAFF screening of Yakuza Weapon confirmed it. The releases will all be fully uncut with original language tracks, and the first release will be this fall with the film Helldriver. Their film Alien vs. Ninja has already seen a release, but this is the first announcement that the rest of their films will be getting the same treatment. Their other films are: Sion Sono’s Cold Fish (which is exciting, because not many Sono films see a proper release), the aforementioned Zaborgar and Yakuza Weapon, Mutant Girl Squad, Deadball, and obviously Helldriver as well.

A lot of excellent Asian films never make it stateside outside of festival screenings, so I think this is absolutely fantastic. Before too long, all of you guys will be able to see just how crazy some of these films are.