Flixclusive: The Aztek Warrior is a Latino Black Dynamite


Last week, I had a chance to interview actor/action director of the upcoming film The Girl from the Naked Eye. Like any good interviewer, I badgered him about what he’s going to be working on next. And he told me some cool things, most of them not movie related. In fact, the most movie-related thing is actually kind of up in the air. Even so, it sounds pretty cool:

[It’s called] The Aztec Warrior, which is a film that’s going to be shot in Louisiana. It is an over-the-top comedy with Luis Guzman from Pantelion pictures and Lionsgate. Kind of like a Latino Black Dynamite, but all built around Mexican wrestling.

Now, that description doesn’t necessarily sell me on the film, but it definitely sounds interesting, and if Yuan is actually taking part, I’m sure that will make it all the better. But it begs the question: is “Latinosploitation” a thing? Black Dynamite tried to return to the era of 1970s Blaxploitation. If the filmmakers behind The Aztec Warrior wanted to do that same sort of thing, would they even be able to? And if not, why not?

Someone should get on that.