Flixclusive: The SAW 3D cast’s favorite kills


I was one of the lucky few to be a part of the Saw 3D roundtable interviews at New York Comicon earlier this month, and I got to ask the question on everybody’s mind: “What’s your favorite kill?”

Follow me after the jump and find out what actors Betsy Russel, Cary Elwes, Costas Mandylor, and director Kevin Greutert had to say on the subject!

Sean: So what are your favorite kills from the whole series? 

Betsy Russell: I don’t have a favorite kill. It’s not really what I’m all about. But I think that they’re all ingenious, you know? And I think the writers and producers are brilliant to come up with this stuff and to be thinking about it all the time. “How can I kill the people in ingenious ways this time!” But eh, I think they’re all great…if you wanna call it that. [laughs]

Cary Elwes: I’ll have to agree with that, I think they’re all very inventive! This one (Saw 3D) in particular, you see some particularly gruesome deaths. It’s probably one of the most graphic movies I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, it’s definitely very thrilling, and in 3D it’s intense

Costas Mandylor: Okay, I’ll just say this one ‘cause when we went to Vegas during that pendulum trap in the beginning (of Saw V)? …When I went on I went “WOW, this is f***ing heavy.” And at the end of that scene, it goes to black, right? And the audience went crazy! And I remember ‘cause of the impact that the audience had on me when we did that – I remember that one specifically.

Kevin Greutert: My favorite trap scene is the Amanda Head Trap in Saw I, because it was so iconic and we all knew we were on to something. But my favorite kill is in the carousel scene in Saw VI, the actor came up to me before his scene and was like “Can I improvise a bit?” and I was like, “Yeah, sure, go for it!” and…when that character just goes cah–cah, that moment! I don’t know if I’ll ever exceed that. [laughs]

So there you have it, folks! SAW 3D hits theaters everywhere tomorrow, October 29th or, if you’re lucky like me, tonight!