Flixist Awards 2011: Best Documentary


Documentaries are an amazing way to showcase a movie’s editing. Whether the subject is American consumer culture or fuzzy red puppets, skillful editing will determine whether the movie is dull or fantastic. Of course, having an interesting subject matter will help a lot, and 2011 luckily had a lot of documentaries about cool things. From entertainment careers to more political matters, there was a little something for everyone.

Every documentary nominated is fantastic in its own way, but which one is awesome enough to win our eternal affection?

I have never loved a documentary as much as I loved Being Elmo. Even if it weren’t masterfully edited to weave a tale of an fascinating life with much respect given to the characters Jim Henson and his crew created, it’s a look at one of the most whimsical industries out there, and the appeal is hard to ignore. I mean, it’s a documentary about Elmo and the man who makes him who he is. The subject will draw you in, but the execution will make you stay.

Votes Breakdown
Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey – 3
Dragonslayer – 1
The Elephant in the Living Room – 1
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – 1
Bill Cunningham New York – 1
The Interrupters – 1
Revenge of the Electric Car – 1