Flixist Awards 2011: Most Overrated Movie


We’ve all been there, admit it. There’s some highly praised, whether critically or through word of mouth, movie that’s out. Everyone and their dog is shouting “Go see this movie,” or “It changed my life!” Maybe some variation of “It’s the best movie of *insert period of time here*!” But then you start watching the movie and think back to all the praise it has gathered so far. “Wow,” you may think, “my friends are full of crap!” 

Whatever your opinions are of movies, there sure were some overrated flicks this year. I mean, there was the obvious Oscar-bait Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, some piece of schlop Stephen Spielberg churned out called War Horse, and that thing Lars von Trier did, Melencholia. We were also blessed with the latest in pretention from Terrance Mallack with The Tree of Life. But which one will take home the coveted Golden Dactyl? Check past the break for the…um, breakdown.

C’mon, was anyone really surprised that we’d pick The Tree of Life? Not only were we not fans of it, but Alex and I were incredibly disappointed when we saw this movie. Where was all of this meaning that seemingly most every person ever was picking up on? All we got out of it was some pretty pictures and Sean Penn wandering a beach for a while. And dinosaurs? I guess. Whatever, this movie is way overrated, and the Golden Dactyl solidifies it. Am I allowed to stop thinking about this movie now?

Votes Breakdown

The Tree of Life – 3
Bridesmaids – 2
War Horse – 1
We Need to Talk About Kevin – 1
X-Men First Class – 1
Attack the Block – 1
Melancholia – 1
Take Shelter – 1
Crazy, Stupid, Love – 1
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – 1
Red State – 1