Flixist Awards 2011: Reader’s Choice Award


[UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER! Check out the winner after the jump!]

You’ve seen us choose Drive as the best movie of the year, and deservedly so, as it’s a fairly tremendously well-made picture. Now, you beautiful weirdos, it’s your turn. You, yes you!, are going to vote on this year’s Reader’s Choice Award! The instructions are simple. Comment below with the film you thought was the best of the year, and that’s it! We’ll tally up the votes on Saturday and announce the winner on Sunday, just in time for the Oscars. But seriously, though, f**k the Oscars. Our awards are better.

Vote! You’ve got until Saturday! Not only will you get to take part in our Kickin’ Sweet awards, you’ll be entered to win the Flixist Awards 2011 Prize Package of Awesome! What’s in that prize pack? Why, it’s only the top three nominees in the Best Movie category, Drive, Hugo, and Midnight in Paris! That’s right! You get three of the best films of the year just for commenting! A note, though: you do NOT need to vote for one of those three movies. You can vote for any of last year’s releases. This contest is available to all our readers, US and International! When you comment, make sure you leave your preference of blu-ray or DVD.

Also, on Saturday, when we tally up the votes make sure to check your email inbox and your PM inbox on the top right corner of the site. We will be contacting our winner directly through email and through PM, and if you haven’t responded by mid-day Sunday, we will give the prize pack to someone else.

And the winner is…

Man, you guys picked a great one. Drive, which was also the staff movie of the year, was soundly ignored by the Academy, receiving only a sound editing nomination and losing that to Hugo. We at Flixist know the Oscars are very far from perfect, and it’s frankly a crime that this movie was ignored as thoroughly as it was, and apparently, you guys do too. Further congratulations to El_Rhino, the winner of our contest!

Drive also won by a pretty clear landslide, garnering five votes, with Source Code, Hugo, and Midnight in Paris tying for second place. 

Drive: 5
Source Code: 2
Hugo: 2
Midnight in Paris: 2
Winnie the Pooh: 1
Warrior: 1
Rise of the Planet of the Apes: 1
Hanna: 1
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: 1
Take Shelter: 1
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: 1
X-Men First Class: 1